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Hey, nice to meet you! I'm a freelance photographer and mommy from Saint Paul, Minnesota. I have spent all 26 years of my time on earth here. I launched my photography career almost 3 years ago -  If I had any talent in life, I'd say I have always had a natural eye for a good photo. I spent my first year offering free photo shoots to build my portfolio, and was blown away by how grateful people were to get nice pictures done for no charge. It made the decision to do this as a career that much better knowing I was giving families a memory they could keep forever. 

I went to photography camp as a teen, and also took a photography course in high school as well as college. 

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In my spare time, I enjoy spending time at home with my pride and joy, Melinah Renai and watching her grow. I have a pretty busy schedule; I work full time, do photography, and also run an online business part time. Time passes by so quickly, she is already 3 years old! My goal is to be a full time photographer, entrepreneur, and stay at home mommy so I can spend every moment with her that I can.

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